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Indeterminate Saxon

er ys seo bot, hu u meaht ine ceras betan gif hi
nella wel wexan oe r hwilc ungedefe ing on gedon bi
on dry oe on lyblace. Genim onne on niht, r hyt
dagige, feower tyrf on feower healfa s landes, and gemearca

u hy r stodon. Nim onne ele and hunig and beorman,
and lces feos meolc e on m lande sy, and lces treow-
cynnes dl e on m lande sy gewexen, butan heardan
beaman, and lcre namcure wyrte dl, butan glappan anon,
and do onne haligwter r on, and drype onne riwa on

hone staol ara turfa, and cwee onne as word: Crescite,
wexe, et multiplicamini, and gemnigfealda, et replete, and
gefylle, terre, as eoran. In nomine patris et filii et spiritus
sancti sit benedicti. And Pater Noster swa oft swa t oer.
And bere sian a turf to circean, and mssepreost asinge

eower mssan ofer an turfon, and wende man t grene to
an weofode, and sian gebringe man a turf r hi r
wron r sunnan setlgange. And hbbe him gworht of
cwicbeame feower Cristes mlo and awrite on lcon ende:
Matheus and Marcus, Lucas and Iohannes. Lege t

ristes ml on one pyt neoeweardne, cwee onne: Crux
Matheus, crux Marcus, crux Lucas, crux sanctus Iohannes.
Nim onne a turf and sete r ufon on and cwee onne
nigon sion as word, Crescite, and swa oft Pater Noster,
and wende e onne eastweard, and onlut nigon sion

admodlice, and cwe onne as word:
Eastweard ic stande, arena ic me bidde,
bidde ic one mran domine, bidde one miclan drihten,
bidde ic one haligan heofonrices weard,
eoran ic bidde and upheofon

nd a soan sancta Marian
and heofones meaht and heahreced,
t ic mote is gealdor mid gife drihtnes
toum ontynan urh trumne geanc,
aweccan as wstmas us to woruldnytte,

efyllan as foldan mid fste geleafan,
wlitigigan as wancgturf, swa se witega cw
t se hfde are on eorrice, se e lmyssan
dlde domlice drihtnes ances.
Wende e onne III sunganges, astrece onne on andlang

nd arim r letanias and cwe onne: Sanctus, sanctus,
sanctus o ende. Sing onne Benedicite aenedon earmon
and Magnificat and Pater Noster III, and bebeod hit Criste
and sancta Marian and re halgan rode to lofe and to
weoringa and to are am e t land age and eallon am e

im undereodde synt. onne t eall sie gedon, onne
nime man uncu sd t lmesmannum and selle him twa
swylc, swylce man t him nime, and gegaderie ealle his
sulhgeteogo togdere; borige onne on am beame stor and
finol and gehalgode sapan and gehalgod sealt. Nim onne

ht sd, sete on s sules bodig, cwe onne:
Erce, Erce, Erce, eoran modor,
geunne e se alwalda, ece drihten,
cera wexendra and wridendra,
eacniendra and elniendra,

ceafta hehra, scirra wstma,
and ra bradan berewstma,
and ra hwitan hwtewstma,
and ealra eoran wstma.
Geunne him ece drihten

nd his halige, e on heofonum synt,
t hys yr si gefriod wi ealra feonda gehwne,
and heo si geborgen wi ealra bealwa gehwylc,
ara lyblaca geond land sawen.
Nu ic bidde one waldend, se e as woruld gesceop,

ht ne sy nan to s cwidol wif ne to s crftig man
t awendan ne mge word us gecwedene.
onne man a sulh for drife and a forman furh onsceote,
cwe onne:
Hal wes u, folde, fira modor!

eo u growende on godes fme,
fodre gefylled firum to nytte.
Nim onne lces cynnes melo and abac man innewerdre
handa bradn hlaf and gecned hine mid meolce and mid
haligwtere and lecge under a forman furh. Cwee onne:

ul cer fodres fira cinne,
beorhtblowende, u gebletsod weor
s haligan noman e as heofon gesceop
and as eoran e we on lifia;
se god, se as grundas geworhte, geunne us growende gife,

ht us corna gehwylc cume to nytte.
Cwe onne III Crescite in nomine patris, sit benedicti.
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