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Indeterminate Saxon

e wifman, se hire cild afedan ne mg, gange to gewitenes
mannes birgenne and stppe onne riwa ofer a byrgenne
and cwee onne riwa as word:
is me to bote re laan ltbyrde,

his me to bote re swran swrbyrde,
is me to bote re laan lambyrde.
And onne t wif seo mid bearne and heo to hyre hlaforde
on reste ga, onne cwee heo:
Up ic gonge, ofer e stppe

id cwican cilde, nals mid cwellendum,
mid fulborenum, nals mid fgan.
And onne seo modor gefele t t bearn si cwic, ga
onne to cyrican, and onne heo toforan an weofode cume,
cwee onne:

riste, ic sde, is gecyed!
Se wifmon, se hyre bearn afedan ne mge, genime heo
sylf hyre agenes cildes gebyrgenne dl, wry fter onne on
blace wulle and bebicge to cepemannum and cwee onne:
Ic hit bebicge, ge hit bebicgan,

has sweartan wulle and ysse sorge corn.
Se wifman, se ne mge bearn afedan, nime onne anes
bleos cu meoluc on hyre hand and gesupe onne mid hyre
mue and gange onne to yrnendum wtere and spiwe r
in a meolc and hlade onne mid re ylcan hand s

teres mu fulne and forswelge. Cwee onne as word:
Gehwer ferde ic me one mran maga ihtan,
mid ysse mran mete ihtan;
onne ic me wille habban and ham gan.
onne heo to an broce ga, onne ne beseo heo, no ne eft

honne heo anan ga, and onne ga heo in oer hus oer heo
ut ofeode and r gebyrge metes.

*** *** ***

he woman who cannot bring her child to term must go to a dead mans grave, step three times over the grave and say these words three times:

his as my help against the evil late birth,
This as my help against the grievous dismal birth,
This as my help against the evil lame birth.

nd when that woman is with child and she goes to bed with her lord, then she must say:

p I go, I step over you
With a live child, not with a dying one,
With a full-born child, not with a doomed one.

nd when the mother feels that the child is alive, she must go to church, and when she comes in front of the altar, then she must say:

hrist, I said, make this known!

he woman who cannot bring her child to term must take part of the grave of her own child, wrap it up in black wool and sell it to merchants. And then she must say:

sell it,
you must sell it,
This black wool and the seeds of this grief.

he woman who cannot bring her child to term must take the milk of a cow of one colour in her hand, sip a little, and then go to running water and spit the milk in it. And then with the same hand she must take a mouthful of water and swallow it. Let her then say these words:

carried this strong one with me everywhere,
Strong because of this great food;
Such a one I want to have and go home with.

hen she goes to the stream she must not look round, nor again when she goes away from there, and let her go into a house other than the one from which she started, and there take food.
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