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Indeterminate Saxon

i frstice feferfuige and seo reade netele, e urh
rn inwyx, and wegbrade; wyll in buteran.
Hlude wran hy, la, hlude, a hy ofer one hlw ridan,
wran anmode, a hy ofer land ridan.

cyld u e nu, u ysne ni genesan mote.
Ut, lytel spere, gif her inne sie!
Stod under linde, under leohtum scylde,
r a mihtigan wif hyra mgen berddon
and hy gyllende garas sndan;

c him oerne eft wille sndan,
fleogende flane forane togeanes.
Ut, lytel spere, gif hit her inne sy!
St smi, sloh seax lytel,
iserna, wundrum swie.

t, lytel spere, gif her inne sy!
Syx smias stan, wlspera worhtan.
Ut, spere, ns in, spere!
Gif her inne sy isernes dl,
hgtessan geweorc, hit sceal gemyltan.

if u wre on fell scoten oe wre on flsc scoten
oe wre on blod scoten
oe wre on li scoten, nfre ne sy in lif atsed;
gif hit wre esa gescot oe hit wre ylfa gescot
oe hit wre hgtessan gescot, nu ic wille in helpan.

his e to bote esa gescotes, is e to bote ylfa gescotes,
is e to bote hgtessan gescotes; ic in wille helpan.
Fleoh r on fyrgenheafde.
Hal westu, helpe in drihten!
Nim onne t seax, ado on wtan.

*** *** ***

gainst a sudden stitch, feverfew and the red nettle, that grows through a house, and plantain; boil in butter.
(reade netele = Urtica dioica | feferfuige = Chrysanthemum Parthenium L.)

oud were they, lo loud, when they rode over the mound,
they were fierce when they rode over the land.
Shield yourself now that you may escape this evil.
Out, little spear, if herein thou be!
Stood under linden, under a light shield,
where the mighty women readied their power,
and they screaming spears sent.
I back to them again will send another,
a flying dart against them in return.
Out, little spear, if herein thou be!
Sat a smith, forged he a knife,
little iron strong wound.
Out, little spear, if herein thou be!
Six smiths sat, war-spears they made.
Out, spear, not in, spear!
If herin be a bit of iron,
hag`s [haegtesse] work, it shall melt.
If you were in the skin shot, or were in flesh shot,
or were in the blood shot, [or were in bone shot,]
or were in limb shot, may your life never be torn apart.
If it were sir shot, or it were elves` shot,
or it were hag`s shot, now I will help you.
This your remedy for sir shot, this your remedy for Elves` shot;
This your remedy for hag`s shot; I will help you.
It fled there into the mountains. . . . no rest had it.
Be now whole, Lord help you!

hen take the knife; put it into the liquid.
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